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Texting While Driving – Persuasive Speech

My persuasive speech on the dangers of texting while driving. (see below) This was supposed to have been spoken in front of my class, but unfortunately me and a few other classmates had to submit our speech via video. Citations: US Department of Transportation Oprah’s Pledge Against Texting and Driving Phil LeBeau of CNBC Car and Driver Magazine Gina – Friend * (name changed for privacy)

This is a test done by Fifth Gear. The test was to compare damage between the fortwo and a car of twice mass and size. Rapid deceleration would’ve caused the occupants in both cars to die. However the test firmly proves the theory correct, a smart is just as safe as something twice its size. In May 2009 The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted their own tests which the smart did poorly. However nowhere on their site is any data concerning forces on the dummies and possible injury. Also, the Mercedes Benz C300 weighs just 200lb shy of a Chevrolet Equinox. So while it may be small, it’s a heavyweight. For more on smart safety including real world crash data and even statistics on the probability of crashing a smart: www.safeandsmart.com www-fars.nhtsa.dot.gov/Main/index Here is a video of the smart crashing into a Mercedes Benz S-Class, a car weighing as much a mid size SUV. The test was done by Auto Und Sport Magazine and NCAP, the test results were “possible head injury” and “cuts & scrapes”. www.youtube.com The smart uses a patented steel structure called the Tridion Safety Cell. It’s designed to activate crumple zones of ther cars. It consists of small crumple zones on each end and then a ridgid high tensile passenger cell. The passenger cell begins right before where the footwell ends. As seen on crash videos the car crumples down to the passenger cell and rebounds. In a crash, this is what happens to a smart: 1. Bumper breaks. 2. Slip Tubes move out of way
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14 Responses

  1. SVTbabyyygirl says:

    Thank you!

  2. Mac4Life42 says:

    this was amazing! excellent job!

  3. 1000crazydevil says:

    at 4:04 why is all the lights lit up on the dash?

  4. stepfour says:

    I have to say in an accident bigger is better. In real life the smart car is likely to encounter a vehicle with a much higher ground clearance… Like every other vehicle on the road. See how it holds up to an f250 going through its windshield…

  5. vaska916 says:

    you’re effing dead

  6. gds3z says:

    where’s the test showing two smart cars crashing into each other? no crumple zone…let’s play marbles?

  7. gds3z says:

    where’s the test showing two smart cars crashing into each other? no crumple zone…let’s play marbles?>

  8. CDTbossy says:

    @Neonspinnazz30 LOL, you don’t wanna know which car is my real car (see the white car being crashed in this video).

  9. Neonspinnazz30 says:

    @CDTbossy I can only respect your comment because what your account picture is…=D

  10. CDTbossy says:

    Goodbye legs. Stupid ugly small cars, bigger is better.

  11. StagArmsFan says:

    The car may be ok in an accident, but your ass is dead

  12. carlspanoghe says:

    @Neonspinnazz30 I tried once (actually at a smart event) but the ESP and the gears (even in manual) got confused when I tried to push it around the corners. It is a super fun car for all other types of driving, but it is too smart for autoX

  13. Neonspinnazz30 says:

    @carlspanoghe I never knew you had a YT! Do you use your fortwo for AutoX?

  14. carlspanoghe says:

    I still have to say . . .drivers of smarts are CRAZY! This is evidenced by the fact that I got one :)

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